According to experience, when people share ideas, experiences and motivate each other, they learn faster and are more encouraged. Therefore unity class model is a class of people made up of between 3 to 50 members who are enlisted members of (victory summit course one), they should hold their meetings offline in a physical place or online platforms such as Facebook groups,  WhatsApp groups or other online platforms.



1. The aim of the meeting should be tailored towards achieving the sole purpose of the course, that is transforming members lives,  by sharing their learning experiences.

2. Let everyone be of help to each other, that is, let the one who has broken even in the knowledge of any aspect of the course teach the one who do not know.

3. Every member of the team is expected to motivate his or her fellow team member to learn faster.

4.  Each member of the course is entitled to support from the author of the course up to three times a month.

5.Each member of the course is entitled to additional content from time to time to enhance his or her development of the knowledge of the course from the author of the course.

6. For speedy learning and resultful experience, every other thing such as assumptions, experiences, thinking, phenomenon, philosophies and knowledge that is  not in consonance with the word should be discarded throughout the period of learning because for the word to work every other thing that is contrary to the word must be discarded.


Discipline must be accorded the top most virtue in order to get the best out of the course. Adherence to commitment and focus with strict determination should be given top priority, much more  practising the concept you are learning. Thanks for putting in your best while wishing you the best learning experience.